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Frequently asked questions

I am unable to add analytical meditation at the right time.

Please go to the “Profile” section, select your current time zone.

I cannot log into the platform using Facebook / Google.

To log into the platform using Facebook or Google, you had to use the registration method using one of these platforms. You probably registered with your email. If you have forgotten the password that you provided during registration, click on the password recovery button. Check your mail. Follow the instructions to recover your password.

I want to be able to log in using google / facebook.

In the profile settings, click on the google / facebook button. Confirm that you are the owner of the account. The system will further allow you to log in using Google, Facebook or an email of your choice.

Can you please return my homework / test for revision?

Yes we can. Please write to our telegram chat 


What should I do if I cannot check the work of another student within 7 days (I am leaving, there is no access to a computer or the Internet, I am sick, etc.)?

f for objective reasons you do not have time to check the work of another student within 7 days, then you can not check the work. In this case, the work will go to another student for verification. 

When you can start checking, you can take another job for review. To do this, go to the "Checkout" section - then "Overdue" and confirm that you want to take the job for check (click on the "Ready for check" button). After that, within some time, you will receive a notification (by mail and on the platform) about a new job for verification. 

What if I had no time to cross-check?

If you did not have time to check the work of another student within 7 days for any reason, then you need to go to the "Check" section, then select "Expired" and click on the "Ready to check" button. For some time, you will receive a notification about the verification of a new work.

How do I get a certificate after completing the course?

You can get a certificate on the platform when you completely pass the course (Homework and Quizes) and check the work of another student.

Within 1 month after completing the course, you will receive a notification:

- by mail 
- to the platform (the course status will change to "Certificate", and inside the course, under the list of lessons, there will be buttons for downloading a certificate and an official letter).